JRTwine Software, LLC will cease operations on or shortly after April 15th, 2016 due to unexpected relocation.  Purchasing links have been disabled and the support site will go offline after April 15th.  We thank all of our past customers for supporting us during the past 14 years.


Here are some of the services that we can provide to you.  If you have a software development-related need, we have the services to help you create expert solutions that exceed expectations and lower long-term costs.

Some of our work, like bug-finding and fixing, is guaranteed!  If we do not fix it, you do not have to pay!

Below you will find more information on some of the things we can offer.  If you have questions about any specific service, or would like to inquire about other services not listed here, please call us or send an email to  (All prices shown below are in USD.)

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development and Services

Got a good idea for a new piece of software, or an idea for one of your existing ones, but do not have the time, talent or space available to implement it?  Or do you have a project underway and are running short on time and need additional software resources?  We can help

Or, do you have an existing code base that has some long-standing bugs that you just can't seem to find?  GUI handle/object leaks causing your app to crash after running for a certain amount of time?  Memory leaks causing you issues?  We can help with that, too!  (And can guarantee results!)

Why use us as consultants?  Because there are no long-term commitments to be concerned about, and if your plans change, our relationship can change as well.  None of the usual HR-related issues to be concerned with.

You can now put the wide and varied experience and wisdom of our development resources to work for you.  On-site and off-site/remote work is available (note that off-site/remote rates are generally far less expensive than on-site due to travel/accommodations). 

We can perform a wide range of development-related tasks including (but not limited to):

  • Architecture and application/system design
  • GUI Design
  • Coding
  • Debugging
  • Refactoring
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Rates depend on the tasks to be performed and on the resources currently available.  For example, architecture-level design commands a higher rate than QA tasks.

All of our development is done in the USA - no work is outsourced to any other country (or any other company for that matter).

Cost: varies $50/hr-$250/hr+ for off-site work (with a minimum of five 8-hour days, except for debugging work)
On-site work will be more expensive due to travel and possible lodging costs.

Code Review

Independent Code Review, Inspection, and Auditing

Want to know if your code is ready for prime time?  Concerned about the quality of the code being produced by your development resources?  Looking for ways to improve?  Or just want another set of eyes on things?

We will dedicate one or more of our highly-experienced engineers to the source code that you provide, and they will perform an independent code review and inspection of that code.  Our engineers will concentrate on a few specific areas, including (but not limited to) intent, robustness, performance, resource usage, design, commenting, consistency and maintainability.  If you have a particular area of interest or concern, we can concentrate on that instead of the above areas.

Depending on the amount and completeness of the code being worked, this process may include the use of static analysis tools, compilers and runtime analysis.  At the end of the process, a document will be produced that contains any findings as well as suggestions where applicable.

Currently supported languages are C, C++ and C#.

Cost: $90/hr (with a minimum of 4 hours)



Looking for ways to improve the maintainability of your code and possibly improving its robustness as well?  Our Refactoring service is for you.  We will dedicate engineering resources to your code with the goal of finding ways to improve it.  For companies without dedicated professional software development resources, this service is a great follow-up to the Independent Code Review and Inspection service above.

This service requires that the code being refactored include everything necessary to instrument and build it, as well as perform some rudimentary runtime testing.

As with Independent Code Review and Inspection above, this service may require the use of static and runtime analysis tools.

Many different of refactoring services are available, so please click the link above to see which ones fit your needs the best.

Cost: $80-$150/hr depending on services requested (with a minimum of 2 hours)

GUI Design

GUI Design

We can assist you in designing new GUIs, and we can also analyze your application's existing GUIs and recommend changes based on the expected behavior of UI elements and user interaction of Windows applications.  Suggested changes will be placed into a document along with a Resource Template file (for Windows C++ projects) that can be utilized by most modern Windows development environments.  For C#/.NET projects, a compete Windows Form implementation will be provided.

Cost: $75/hr (with a minimum of 2 hours)

Our Team

We have at our disposal a collection of loosly-coulpled developers nearby whose experience and wisdom spans a wide range of the software development spectrum.

Our experts have extensive experience in database design and modeling, software architecture and design, implementation, management, testing and technical assurance.

Whatever your need, we have the experts that can help!

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