JRTwine Software, LLC will cease operations on or shortly after April 15th, 2016 due to unexpected relocation.  Purchasing links have been disabled and the support site will go offline after April 15th.  We thank all of our past customers for supporting us during the past 14 years.


Over the years, JRTwine Software has created many (retail-targeted) applications and utilities that never progressed far enough to where we thought it would be worth going through the whole payment-processor and licensing-setup process that is normally required in order to sell some of our larger applications.

This has resulted in more than 220(!) native and .NET applications, services, utilities, libraries, etc. That are all in various stages of completion.  Some are ready to ship, some just need a little polish, and some still need serious design, development and/or QA work.

We're going to start taking the projects with the least amount of work needed for completion, and start offering them to users using a concept we are calling WorthWare - software that you can download and use for free, with no money required and no strings attached!

With WorthWare, you are not required to pay for the software, you are just welcome to.  If you choose to pay, you are free to pay what you think the software is worth!  If you think it's worth $20, then pay $20.  If you think it's worth $1, then pay $1.  Worth nothing?  Then pay nothing.  Simple.

Remember - no payments of any kind are required! You are welcome to download, install, and use any and all WorthWare products for as long as you like, on as many systems as you like, and you do not have to pay a thing!

It would be nice if you did, however... :) 

WorthWare Payments

If you are using one or more WorthWare products, please consider paying what you think it is worth.  You choose the dollar amount.

In order to simplify payment, fixed payment amounts are available below.  Just choose whichever one you feel best about.

Of course, feel free to make multiple payments if the value you want is not listed. :)

Make A WorthWare Payment Below