Frequently Asked Questions


JRTwine Software, LLC will cease operations on or shortly after April 15th, 2016 due to unexpected relocation.  Purchasing links have been disabled and the support site will go offline after April 15th.  We thank all of our past customers for supporting us during the past 14 years.

FAQThis page has some FAQs that you may be wondering about.  Another FAQ section is available on the JRTwine Software Support Web Site.

What do I get for purchasing a License?

Purchasing a license to a product entitles you to

  • Lifetime free email-based technical support for that product, as well as all of the features the product has to offer (in accordance with the license you purchased)
  • Lifetime free minor-revision upgrades for that priduct

What is the JRTS-FSCL?   

The JRTwine Software, LLC Free Source Code License (FSCL) is a license that we grant you when we provide certain source code free to the public. 

You must abide by this license in order to use any of the material released under the FSCL.

I need a special feature...

If you have a special feature that you need one of our products to perform, or need a custom application written, we can do that.  Please contact us for more information.

How do I Register the Product?

Each product varies in how it is registered.  Some products require that you uninstall any previous trial/demo versions that are installed before installing/registering the full version.  Others require that you first install the trial/demo version and then enter registration information into it.

Please check the product's documentation as well as any information that was delivered to you with the license information.

Question not Answered?

Go over to the JRTwine Software, LLC Support Web Site for more FAQs, information, and our trouble-ticket system so you can get the help you need!