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GUI Design

Our GUI Design services can help you create the perfect interface for your application.  An application's GUI is often overlooked or considered to be a lower priority concern even today.  But when you think about it, the GUI is the primary means of a user interacting with your application, and is often the first thing that they see when they start your application.

Suppose you were looking for a painting contractor to repaint the interior of your house.  You find one nearby on an Internet search and decide to drop by their office.  When you arrive, you notice that the paint on the front door and window trim is patchy and you can see placed where they missed.  Even the company van is missing paint in a few places and is rusting. 

Now, what would you think of them by first appearances alone?  A rusting vehicle and bad exterior paint job have nothing to do with their ability to perform a quality interior paint job, but would you want to hire them based on what you had seen so far?  Probably not.  The same thing applies when someone first sees your GUI.  With an ugly or broken GUI, customers may feel that if you cannot get the GUI right, you cannot possibly get the hard stuff behind the GUI working correctly.

We can help you from falling into that trap.  We consider many different aspects of GUI Design including (but not limited to):

  • Logical flow of the interface
  • Appropriate use of graphics and colors
  • Accessibility (e.g. screen reader compatible)
  • Alignment
  • Correct use of hotkeys, accelerators, shortcut keys and mnemonics
  • Tab order (AKA Z-order)
  • Ability to navigate easily into and out of the interface (for embedded windows/dialogs)
  • Consideration for alternate interface types (e.g. touch interfaces on mobile devices)

Let us help you design the best interface for your application.


Below are some examples from a specialized CRM application that we are allowed to show to the public.  The GUIs for this application had to follow a specific design.  Prototype interfaces are shown below:

Prototype Authentication Dialog

Prototype "Check In" Dialog with enhanced tooltip (scaled down)

Need A Mobile GUI?

We can help you with all aspects of GUI design, including consideration of how to create GUIs for touch-based (mobile) interfaces, which are a hot topic these days.