JRTwine Software, LLC will cease operations on or shortly after April 15th, 2016 due to unexpected relocation.  Purchasing links have been disabled and the support site will go offline after April 15th.  We thank all of our past customers for supporting us during the past 14 years.

Code Review Services

Our code review services can help you find trouble spots, performance killers, places where patters or best practices could be applied, or even simple readability issues in your source code.  We can even help document existing code, to help facilitate its reuse in the future.

Even experienced developers forget the basic rule about source code - source code is designed to be read.  It is read by humans and by tools alike.  While a compiler is largely ignorant of comments, spacing, bracing style, and other oft-overlooked items, humans are particularly sensitive to them.  A missing or incorrect comment can be the difference between finding a bug, and assuming that the code is doing what it is supposed to be doing, instead of just doing what was written.  A basic code review allows you to see if your code is indeed clear and readable, and make sure it is supposed to be doing.

We have the knowledge and experience to understand the difference between what just works, and what works well.  Leveraging our experience, you can help ensure that you are providing the best possible software solution to your customers. 

Got an intermittent crash or other hard to find problem, and cannot determine the root cause?  We can!

Code Review services are $90/Hr (minimum of 4 hours) regardless of the amount of code.  More in-depth Refactoring services are available as well.

Are you sure it's solid?

Even if you have complete confidence in your development staff, a second set of eyes on the code never hurts.  Especially when it is a set of eyes that do not feel the pressures of time and schedule that your developers may be feeling.

Think of it as a peer review session where the reviewers have no vested interest in the outcome of the review.

You want a neutral, honest opinion based on years of experience and the resulting wisdom of those years?  We have one for you!

Do not accept the opinion of inexperienced software developers, managers that have not written code in more than 5 years (if at all!), or anyone that has a looming deadline or closing of their charge code looming over their heads; these people are not always able to render an honest, unbiased, objective opinion. Get a high-quality, expert opinion, straight from some real experts!