JRTwine Software, LLC will cease operations on or shortly after April 15th, 2016 due to unexpected relocation.  Purchasing links have been disabled and the support site will go offline after April 15th.  We thank all of our past customers for supporting us during the past 14 years.

Refactoring Services

Our Refactoring service is an extension of our Code Review service.  It goes beyond a mere review of the code, and dives into actually making the necessary changes that arise from the code review.

Our refactoring services can help you identify the following items in your code:

  • Redundant and duplicated code
  • Performance killers (e.g. unnecessary use of heap-allocated memory, not reusing previously allocated memory where possible, use of asynchronous operations where a dedicated worker thread would yield better performance, etc.)
  • Concurrency killers - code that scales poorly across multiple threads, or causes excessive contention that decreases the performance of multiple threaded (and/or multi-CPU/multi-core) software systems
  • Excessive complexity
  • Documentation mismatches - where the code and its comments do not agree
  • Failure to use existing libraries - no sense in recreating some wheels
  • Lack of secure coding techniques, which can increase the attack surface area of your applications
  • And many more!

Refactoring services services are $75/Hr regardless of the amount of code being examined.

If your needs are less robust, you may be interested in our lower cost Code Review/Auditing services.

Are you sure its good enough?

In the interest of saving both time and money, many companies have moved toward the "good enough" standard of software development.  In some cases, this is a good idea -- but how do you know when "good enough" is really good enough?

We have the experience and wisdom to know when good enough has been attained.