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Asset Management

Asset Management - a simple asset tracking and management database application.  Using it, you can easily check items that are available, track the location of items that have been checked-out to someone and even keep track of calibration information.

Asset Management Screenshot - click to enlarge

Available reports allow you to quickly see which items are checked-out, to whom and for how long.  You can easily determine the types and quantity of items available for check-out, and perform a lookup/search for items of interest.

Direct barcode integration allows you to perform most tasks without having to use to the keyboard.  For example, you can check-in an item without ever touching the keyboard.  Just scan the command barcode for check-in, and then scan in the asset tag of the item being returned.  It's that easy!

Checking-out items can be just as easy.  If your employees have barcoded badges that can be read by the scanner, you can use that to uniquely identify persons that items are being checked-out to.  Again, all without having to touch the keyboard!

Also note that different fonts may or may not support certain characters, and this behavior may change on different operating systems.  Not every font supports all possible characters.

System Requirements

Asset Management supports XP or higher, including server versions of Windows.  A compatible barcode scanner device is highly recommended. 

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